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Enjoy our full suite of self-serve tools across our entire nationwide dataset, as well as census data & a catalog of base maps. You can also access the Landgrid survey app, import & export data, make & share maps, and filter & style parcels for an immersive mapping experience.

  • Draw Focus Areas
  • Filter & Style Maps
  • Import & Export Spreadsheets
  • 5 Projects
  • Surveying
  • Bookmark Parcels
  • USPS Vacancy Data
  • Building Data
  • Pro Layers & Census Data
  • Chat Support
  • Single User

$10 / month
$100 / year

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Collaborate effectively: invite additional members as surveyors, members, or group managers. Unlock unlimited projects, surveys and uploads. Teams with large-scale data import, field surveying, customization and reporting needs: get in touch about our Enterprise accounts!

  • Everything in Pro
  • Plus:
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Datasets
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Export USPS & Building Data
  • Print Maps
  • 10 Members

$250 / month
$2,500 / year

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Depending on your needs, dedicated staff time from experts who love working with maps and data, custom tools for your organization, and advice & logistical expertise as you undertake a big project can be made available to you!

  • Team Collaboration
  • Account Manager
  • Data Imports
  • Training
  • Project Consulting
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Survey Management
  • Unlimited Teams
  • View & Export USPS Data

Custom pricing

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Bulk Data

Want to license county, state, or nationwide parcel dataset for use in your own app or database?
More than 144 million parcels are waiting to bring your search or user experience to the next level.

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Formats Common & Obscure
  • API Access
  • Vector Tileserver
  • Priority Updates
  • USPS Data

$7,000 -

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$10 / month
$100 / year

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$250 / month
$2,500 / year

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Custom pricing

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$7,000 -

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Or, browse Landgrid with a limited free plan to try the service.

Contact us at team@landgrid.com or 313-649-LAND with any questions or to request a demo.


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What can I do with landgrid.com?

Find and understand parcel information at any level, whether you're buying or developing property, need data for research or professional purposes, or just curious who owns that lot down the street.

Surf parcel information

Parcels are the shapes of individual properties that make up a Landgrid covering the entire United States (and most of the world). Parcels typically have characteristics like ownership, zoning, taxes, sale prices, and more. You can use this site to see who owns the world around you and how land is divided up into different shapes.

We currently show 144 million parcel shapes covering where 95% of Americans live. See a map of coverage and sources here.

Create parcel maps

Make beautiful parcel projects — no GIS experience required — and gain insights, fast. Landgrid lets you color code, add, and filter data with the click of a button.

Filtering helps you dive deep into the data and uncover patterns by seeing properties with different combinations of characteristics, like a certain kind of zoning and a certain size.

Survey property

Want to go out and photograph and document property conditions, or reach and interview residents? Our survey editor makes it easy to write your own multiple choice or open-ended survey questions, then use the Landgrid Survey App (available for iOS and Android) to visit properties in the field, or add information to your map right from your computer with Desktop Surveying.

Data collected in the field hits your Loveland account LIVE — no need for digitizing, downloading, or uploading results.

Surveys big and small can be done by individuals, small groups, or teams of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands simultaneously.

Import and export data

We believe that data should never be stuck in silos. Easily import any spreadsheet (CSV or Excel file) with an address column or a parcel ID or latitude-longitude column and it will neatly attach to Landgrid's base parcel data. All you have to do is drag-and-drop a file or copy-and-paste a link. (If you don’t have spreadsheets of data, don’t forget your local open data portal might!)

You can export the data you've added as a spreadsheet, shapefile, or KML, and it will come out combining your data with the base property information. This is a very powerful tool for doing something valuable that would otherwise typically make you want to pull your hair out.

Pro accounts can also export spreadsheets of the base property information on the site at up to 50,000 rows at a time. If you need to export larger spreadsheets of data, or if you want to download the parcel shapes, see our data licensing page for unlimited nationwide spreadsheet exporting and parcel licensing.

Collaborate and share

Your Loveland account and the data you put in Landgrid are completely private and secure. You have full control over who can access the maps and data you create. Share maps and data with your team members and colleagues.

If you want to publish maps, you can do that too: Loveland maps can be published on a “read only” basis, and you can embed them in webpages.

Explore nationwide map layers & US Census data

Pro accounts now have access to a growing number of nationwide map layers to go along with the parcel data. You can now select not only street and aerial imagery, but maps including things like topography, flood and fire risk, land use, and more.

Access US Census data, including population, demographics, income, health, education, and other information at the tract, block, city, county, state, and national levels with your Pro account.